Niyamsewa Trust started several programs in the Holy Brij Kshetra in past few years and we are happy to show these amazing activities conducted by the time. Niyamsewa came up as a helping hand for the devotees.
Our Trust is working progressively to provide basic aids to the needy ones at it’s utmost.
Programs like ‘Food For Brij’,Niyamsewa Healthcare are running immensely to fullfill the necessities of those who are unable to make it on their own.

Food for Brij: In this program, Niyamsewa distributes healthy and delish food to people living on streets and tries to give them some relief from the unbearable hunger.

Niyamsewa Healthcare : In this program, Niyamsewa provides totally free medical facilities to the people.

Programs for Widows and Children : Niyamsewa organises different kinds of programs time to time where widows and children are preferably kept in mind.

Niyamsewa Healthcare
Food for brij
Food and fodder distribution
Blanket distribution
Caps and socks distribution