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A truly dedicated servant of the Lotus feet of Shri Radharaman lal , Holding immense sea of spritiual knowledge and sprinkling the Essence of the sacred love on every person coming across , Acharya Shri Padma Lochan Goswami is the 13th in the guru lineage of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu himself . Belonging to the land of vraja and shri Radharaman lal , he has dedicated all his life in serving the eternal Vrindavan and Shri Radharaman lal . Always spreading the Krishna consciousness across the globe while holding his arms open for every devotee to distribute the warmth of the pious love and blessings from the supreme lord . Embracing all the hard work he has done and still doing is true commendable . Being his Son , Aacharya Shri Dhananjay Goswami , the 14th in the guru lineage of Shri Chaitanya mahaprabhu . 

Our Services

Our Services

Sevaarpan in the lotus feet of Shri Radharaman Dev ji is the highest we can do in order to achieve his mercy and salvation . Though ! Our love for him is more than enough but in polishing our karmas serving the supreme and his devotees encourages us to walk firmly on the path of Bhakti . We are here to help you with the best and making it possible to serve the divine Braj . From serving the temples including shri Radharaman ji , Amiya Nimai Maharprabhu ji to performing different sevas for the devotees and sadhus in the auspicious month of Kartik and Adhikmaas , everything is been taken care of under Niyam sewa .

1.Milk Abhishek Service
2.Ghee Abhishek Service
3.Flower decoration (Phool Bangla )
4.Kuliya Service
5.Fruit Basket
6.Shri Radharaman Ji’s Dress
7.Chhappan Bhog Seva
8.Sadhu Seva
9. Distribution of Blankets and clothes in winter
10. Packets of basic amenities like Flour , oil , rice and vegetables
11.Feast for widows
12.Deep daan at temples and shri Yamuna ji
13. Food disturbution in adhikmas
14. Tulsi Sewa

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